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FPS Chess
  • Developer: Meta Fork
  • Genre: Shooter Game
  • Version: 1.1.0
User Rating: Rating 4.48

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Release Date
Jul 16, 2022
Meta Fork
DigiPen Institute of Technology
Shooter Game
Windows, macOS, Linux


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Checkmate Your Opponents: Download FPS Chess for Windows PC or Play Online

Olivia Roberts

The genre of first-person shooter games has seen a seismic shift with the arrival of a new marvel: FPS Chess. This revolutionary game encapsulates the thrill of a shooter game and the intellectual stimulation of chess, providing gamers with an experience like none other. In a sphere where one might struggle to find originality, the invention of first-person shooting chess has come as a breath of fresh air.

Engaging Gameplay

If you're looking to FPS Chess download expecting a regular shooter game, you're in for a surprise. Progression in FPS Chess isn't merely about 'firing them up' but about strategy, careful planning, and predictive thinking. Here, your power doesn't come from the gun you carry but from the chess piece, you represent.

The gameplay is characterized by each player assuming a specific chess piece, each having unique abilities and movement possibilities. This adds a layer of strategic depth, reminiscent of the classic game, into the high-octane atmosphere of a first-person shooter.

Extraordinary Storyline

FPS Chess gives the phrase "every pawn has a story" a new meaning. Whether you're one to get engrossed in the storyline or just FPS Chess play for the pure enjoyment of the game, the narration has been intricately designed to cater to every type of gamer.

The plot of the FPS Chess video game is not linear; it evolves based on your movements and decisions, which are ultimately determined by the piece you control. The captivating storyline serves as a testament to the creative direction of the game, offering a unique immersion into the world of FPS Chess.

Awe-Inspiring Graphics

The FPS Chess for PC download offers graphics that are stunningly lifelike and detailed. The careful design of the chessboard provides a sense of nostalgia while equally adding to the environment's thrill.

The graphic representation of each chess piece is ingeniously crafted, retaining the authentic form while beautifully blending with the shooter theme. The aesthetic appeal of FPS Chess for free is certainly one of its strong points, urging players to delve deeper into the game.

Immersive Sound Design

The sound design in the game deserves a standalone mention. The game offers users a fascinatingly immersive audial experience, with every movement on the chessboard captured in crystal clear sound. Whether you install FPS Chess on a gaming rig with state-of-the-art speakers or play it with simple headphones, the audio fidelity is exceptional.

Responsive and Intuitive Controls

Considering the unique blend of genres, the controls of the game an incredibly vital role in the overall gaming experience. Aimed at gamers who crave the thrill of a shooter and the mind classic game, the game FPS Chess ensures that the controls are simple enough for beginners and comprehensive enough for the pros.

Play on Chess Battlefield

For those tired of the mundane, FPS Chess arrives as a delightful challenge. With its engaging gameplay, innovative storyline, visually stunning graphics, immersive sound design, and intuitive controls, this PC FPS Chess elevates the gaming experience to the next level. In this review, can we say that FPS Chess is a trendsetter in its own right?

Whether you wish to play FPS Chess casually or indulge in its engaging storyline, consider checking it out. So whether you FPS Chess game for free or purchase it, you are destined to redefine your gaming experience.


  • Realistic Chess Simulation: Provides a realistic simulation of the classic game. The pieces move and capture according to the standard rules, allowing for a realistic game experience.
  • Multiplayer Support: Supports both local and online multiplayer, allowing for up to four players to play against each other.
  • User-Friendly Interface: It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to learn and navigate the game. The game also includes a tutorial for new players.


  • Limited Customization: FPS Chess does not offer many customization options for players. The only way to change the look of the game is to choose different colors for the pieces and board.
  • No AI Opponents: It does not include any AI opponents to play against. This means that players are limited to playing against other people either locally or online.

FAQ: All You Need to Know About the FPS Chess game

  • What are the requirements to get FPS Chess game?

    The game requires a stable internet connection and a device meeting the recommended system requirements. To ensure smooth gameplay, ensure your device is updated to the latest software version, has enough storage space, and close all other running applications before launching the game to minimize game crashes.

  • How to navigate through the game design?

    Once you've managed to download FPS Chess, get familiar with the user-friendly UI that introduces you to various game levels, challenges, leaderboards, and customization options. The game has a minimalistic design, letting you quickly grasp the rules and strategies, making it a learning curve, especially when you switch between the chess board and first-person shooter mode.

  • What is unique about the gameplay of FPS Chess?

    To play FPS Chess, you need to understand its hybrid gameplay. The game combines elements of traditional chess with the intense pacing of a first-person shooter. It opens up an array of strategic options to outmaneuver your opponents, thanks to its balanced combination of tactical movement, objective-based gameplay, and power-ups that modify your chess pieces' abilities.

  • Are there any special features included in the free FPS Chess game?

    One of the advantages of playing the free version is that it offers plenty of features. It comes with a vast number of maps and modes, leaderboard challenges, daily quests, and in-app competitions. New updates tend to add more features to this list, providing a value-packed free-to-play experience.

  • How can I properly FPS Chess install onto my device?

    After downloading the game, the installation process begins. You'll usually be guided through clear prompts, but in case it doesn't start automatically, navigate to your download folder, locate the game file, and double-click on it to start the installation process. Following the instructions and granting the necessary permissions will ensure the game is correctly installed. Remember to reboot your system after installation to ensure optimal performance.

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